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GianCarlo is a New York Raised hip hop artist known for his intense wordplay, syllable structure and versatility. He was first introduced to music as a young teen.GianCaro writes and engineers  for himself and others . He later created RhymeOrDie productions his own label. GianCarlo is one of the most talented artist out there. He has a unique style that can’t really be compared to anybody. He can rap slow or hang with the fastest. His lyrics and the way he spits them are heartfelt and original with very deep themes and meanings, while GianCarlo is very articulate ,as his rhymes tell it how it is. The Complex lyrics and on the edge curiosity will leave you constantly hanging in for more while listening to GianCarlo .He is smart, talented, and insightful. His music has meaning behind it and he has the talent to deliver it!

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